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Legal Disclaimer

Jasmine Asian Body Works is not a substitute for medical care. If you have a medical condition requiring assessment, diagnosis, and treatment please contact your primary care physician or the nearest emergency room. Workers at our facility are not qualified to diagnose or treat a medical condition. For those with medical problems what we do provide is an adjunct therapy that can work in tandem with medical treatment if you are cleared to participate. Our workers are not Licensed Massage Therapists and do not practice in the same manner as such but many ancient Asian healing techniques may appear similar. Many people say they experience much better relief through 5000 year old Asian Body Work techniques than modern massage. We do not practice any trademarked massage type techniques or those that fall under the scope of practice of a Licensed Massage Therapist. We do not accept insurance at the present time and our services are not accepted by insurance companies. We hope that you have a good experience and enjoy the services that we do provide which are listed on our website.

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